About Individual Session

I am practicing Healing sessions.

I use basically the Integrated Healing -IH- that is Kinesiology.

And I combined with several things as below

other kinesiology method: TFH, Brain Gym and Kinergetics

the energy works: Matrix Energetics

Acutonics: its wisdom and the tuning forks of Fibonacci and the Planet

Alan Sales's tuning forks

Essential oils and the Oracle cards, etc.


The moment I am going to combine all these,

I ask always your body answer with the muscle test.


Well... What am I doing exactly??

What is that I mentioned before??


It could be possible to start mentionning about the side of the technics like:

- IH is so marvelous as using the Muscle test we can have the response from the subconscious,

- IH's protocol has abundant variety so they integrate Body-Mind-Spirit,

- The Fibonacci of Acutonics came from ancient's wisdom...


But I would like to talk about what I'm feeling during the session.

I feel like I am on a journey with you, and what I am doing is:

Helping to bring up your inner core that was hiding somewhere.

It is also as helping you going ahead with your blue print.


First of all, the “healing” doesn't comes from the therapist, but within you.

What I am doing is just unwind what you were holding, and I indicate the door that it could be the opening of another possibility. Only You can go ahead on that door, so, as I though the healing comes within you.


Everyone has this force and its so powerful.

It doesn't matter how you are or what you are doing, it's never too late.

Everyone is in the good way.


Since we were born, we recognized our body as “I AM”,

what “I” have experienced, the mind have gotten the way of looking and thinking,

and go to compere with someone or something and this bring us feeling down or suffering.


I hope that you will remember your own Blue print once again and feel comfortable to live here.

I am serving for this.


You are wonderful as you are, and you don't need to be someone else.


The life on the Earth is so beautiful and amazing and plenty of fun!

I wish that the each single being could feel the Love from the Mother Earth and Father Sky.


Unconditional love and blessings