About me

“Why a Human being is born?”

“Why we-Human are living?”

“Is there someplace where I should return...?”


I have always asked to myself these questions.


But now, these questions are dissolved.

Because I could know that:

We came Here to experience all things,

We came Here with our own intention.


I understood these things and felt it with my whole body the significant,

Thanks to:


Teachings of Paramahansa Yoganada,

meeting with his direct disciple, Swami Kriananda.


The Integrated Healing's founders,

Nic Oliver & Mathilda van Dyke.


Awakening The Illuminated Heart's Teacher,

Valentina Scognamiglio.


Acutonics's teacher,

Erin Taylor.


Kabbalist and the Founder of School of Image,

Catherine Shainberg.


They are my mentors and I had a lot of insights from their profound and unconditional Love and Wisdom.

What I am now is thanks to them.


Not only Mind. Not only Heart.

Both together and the Physical Body, all the Emotions and the Soul,

we are able to be present as Individual and in the meantime as Unit.


It might sound as a contradiction, but it is really possible,

this is the key to Wu-Chi (without polarity), and I think that we can go even ahead over.


As Above, So Below.

As Within, So Without.


We are like a micro piece of the Hologram,

within us, there is an entire information of the Hologram-The one.


“Here, this moment” is my home,

Living here with the Physical Body and expressing what I am,

I feel the connection with all.


I'm glad even knowing that I am able to express it on this page,

and thanks to this I could meet you. This is for me a benediction.


I appreciate your visit on this page.

I look forward to see you.


Love and Gratitude