Imagine living in peace, harmony, equality, non-judgment, and unconditional Love. A place of boundless space with no past or future, only the present moment. In this space there is no fear. Here you live and experience the joyful bliss of pure eternal consciousness. This is the state of Oneness.


You have never really left this state of Oneness. It resides eternally within you. You have simply forgotten how to stay in Unity. Living in the world of duality is the experience of comparison and contrast. Through your experience of life, desire arises along with preferences. The mind creates a world of good and bad, right and wrong and pulls you into judgment and separation. It is the belief in separation that causes suffering.


When you live in the tiny space of the Heart you reside in the Consciousness of Unity. There is no separation. You know that you and all of life are One.


The journey back is recognizing that you are already divine. In duality, you have separated from remembering your true essence. You even feel separate from your physical body, mind and emotions. This separation creates disharmony and conflict within. The pathway to Oneness begins with Loving all of who you are and stopping the battle with your body, mind, and emotions. When you learn how to love and be present with all of yourself, you are on the pathway to unconditional love and non-judgment. You are on the path of healing. You are Awakening the Heart of Oneness.


This very special retreat of Awakening is designed to:

  • Awaken the Remembrance of Who You Are

  • Love all of Who You are; Develop Self Compassion and Esteem

  • Remember the True Nature and Purpose of Your Emotional Body

  • Remember Unconditional Love

  • Recognize the World as a Reflection of Yourself

  • Remember How to Create

  • Remember How to Ascend into Higher Consciousness

  • Stay Present in the Unified field of the Heart


During these 6 days of Experiential Processes you will:

  • Understand the Relationship between Spirit and the three Bodies of Physicality

  • Experience a day of Heartful Sound Healing

  • Connect to the Subtle Energy of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional fields through powerful

    meditations of Sensory Awareness

  • Connect with the Wisdom and Divine Guidance of your Emotions to Clear Trauma and Past


  • Gain Awareness of Your Beliefs and become Conscious of Your Choices

  • Experience Connection through the Unity Breath Meditation

  • Access Your Higher Self and Akashic Records through the Sacred Space of the Heart

  • Experience Creating through Imagery and the Tiny Space of the Heart

  • Activate Your Third Eye and Beams of Light

  • Activate Your Merkaba Field

  • Live from Your Pure Authentic Essence Self

Awakening the Heart of Oneness

October 8 – 13, 2017 Suirin Center for Mind, Body and Spirit
Facilitators: Ron LaPlace & Dorothy Wallis
To Register and for more information about fees and lodging contact:
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