Awakening the Heart of Oneness

Ron LaPlace, Dorothy Wallis

October 8th - 13th 2017, Japan

Welcome to the Awakening the Heart of Oneness workshop!


Imagine living in peace, harmony, equality, non-judgment, and unconditional Love. A place of boundless space with no past or future, only the present moment. In this space there is no fear. Here you live and experience the joyful bliss of pure eternal consciousness. This is the state of Oneness.

(see all the flier of the workshop, or download it by clicking on this link.)


How about you?

Are you living in the Consciousness of Unity?


We have never really left the state of Oneness. It resides eternally within you. You have simply forgotten how to stay in the Unity.


The journey back to Unity begins by recognizing that you are already divine.

Would you like to experience this amazing journey with us?


The Facilitators are Ron LaPlace and Dorothy Wallis.

Both are certified teachers of the School of Remembering that was established by Drunvalo Melchizedek, and both are also certified teachers for the “Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH)” workshop.


Ron was one of three teachers who taught what was called the “Living In the Heart” workshop before the ATIH workshop existed.


Drunvalo then created the revised workshop and Ron and Dorothy then assisted in helping to train over 100 new teachers and to create a new name - “Awakening The Illuminated Heart”.


Now these veteran “Heart” teachers have created a New workshop for 

staying present in the unified field of the Heart. It is “Awakening the Heart of Oneness”.


Please see the Flier for further information about the workshop. (download it here)

And if your heart starts dancing even just a little step, that means it's a Sign from your Heart!


We look forward to meeting you at the workshop and in the Tiny Space of the Heart.


Here is the information about the “Awakening the Heart of Oneness” workshop.


 [Date]: October 8th - 13th 2017,

(check in is Oct. 7th and check out is Oct. 14th 2017)


 [Where the workshop is held]:

At Suirin Center for Mind, Body and Spirit. in Nagano city, Japan

Suirin is located in the middle of the beautiful nature setting of Nagano prefecture where the Olympic Games were held in 2010. 

From the international airport of Tokyo, it is approximately in 60 – 90 min to Nagano station, then take the Bus or taxi as you like to Suirin in approximately 40 min. (For information about this, please see this page.)

The buildings are constructed of natural wood using mainly Hinoki -famous as Japanese cypress- and Cedar.

Suirin staff also take great care with the meals they prepare for their guests, selecting the ingredients very carefully, using only additive-free condiments, never using frozen or prepared foods, and including many fresh organic vegetables from their own gardens.


Breakfast is created by picking the salad fresh from the garden!

Fresh bread, pizza and udon-noodles are all created from organic flour from grains grown on the farm.

Inside the garden of the structure, there is a stone circle that has been created when Drunvalo visited Japan over 10 years ago.


Please also visit Suirin’s web page to see the beautiful surroundings for this workshop.


[Workshop Fee]: JPY 305,000.

Including 7 nights lodging and three meals a day.

*The cost of the transport to and from the workshop is not included.


[The Teachers]: Ron LaPlace & Dorothy Wallis

Ron and Dorothy are qualified facilitators of the Flower of Life workshop.

Both are certified teachers of the ATIH and members of the School of Remembering.

Ron taught the “Living In the Heart” workshop before the ATIH existed, and both then assisted in helping to train over 100 new teachers and to create the new name - “Awakening The Illuminated Heart”.


Ron has shared the teachings of Sacred Geometry and the MerKaBa all over the world over the last 20 years.

Dorothy’s expertise lies in the world of the emotions. She a practicing psychotherapist of Marriage and Family Counseling, Emotionally Focused therapy and more.

Above all, the Unconditional Love from both of these teachers is felt deeply. They care for the well-being of each participant and ebrace all without conditions or judgement. I am not the only person who appreciates and loves the way they teach. 


[The interpreter]: Natsuko Hidaka

Through her mission as an interpreter, she finds great joy in being able to continue her own spiritual pursuits and the opportunity to meet many beautiful souls.

I feel from her the boldness as an interpreter but in the meantime she is sensitive and brings her love and sweetness to the people. She is greatly appreciated for her ability to translate the “feelings” being expressed by both the teachers and workshop participants.


[The coordinators of the workshop]:

Tomoko Sawada & Tomoko Murakami,

Tomoko Sawada is such a heart-warming and lovely person, always extremely kind with the people.

and me, Tomoko Murakami. (Yes! We are 2 Tomoko’s : ) 

I love to encounter and get to know people. For me it is a benediction recognize the beauty of each one. 


All staff are excited to meet you!


The flier of the "Awakening the Heart of Oneness" workshop is on this page,

or download it by clicking on this link.


To Register and for more information about the Workshop,

please contact:

Tomoko Sawada:

Tomoko Murakami (me): 





Workshop Fee:

October 8th - 13th 2017

(check in: Oct. 7th - check out: Oct. 14th 2017)

Holistic Space Suirin, Nagano, JAPAN

Ron LaPlace & Dorothy Wallis

305,000 JPY




Well... now, I would like to share what I experienced and thought about the workshop, but the “Awakening the Heart of Oneness” workshop on next October 2017 is the first one, so, I would like to talk about the recent workshop in Hawaii that I participated in with Ron and Dorothy.


It was April 2017.

I have already met with Ron the year before, I was amazed how he noticed and cared for each person with such a big heart and accepted all without condition and judgement, just as they are. He always expressed a deep unconditional love for each one of us, and his attitude regarding nature's beauty and wisdom were humble.

I appreciate so much meeting Ron, and also Dorothy.

I felt from Dorothy her deep love for people. When she assisted each one in caring for their emotional issues she was powerful and she has a magical ability to express her knowledge in a way that can be understood by all. Her love for nature is wonderful and I always feel her appreciation for the beauty of Life.


From these awesome teacher’s workshop, I received many gifts. The biggest insights that I experienced were:


- the feeling of being loved so deeply by Mother Earth and Father Sky,

- knowing that I also returned that lover so deeply to Mother Earth and Father Sky,

- and the feeling of being cocooned, embraced and protected by them.


And with all these emotions,

I noticed that I am equal with the great Mother Earth and Father Sky.

This helped me to develop my self esteem.

Also, I could feel that I was connecting Mother Earth and the Father Sky by bringing them both into my own Heart.

Now I can feel that everything is connected between us and we are the One.


What I could feel during the workshop with Ron and Dorothy helped me remember “Who I Am” and that “I am always in Unity”.


Each one of us has a physical body and it seems like we are having an individual experience, but we also reside in Unity.

I feel that with the “Awakening the Heart of Oneness” workshop we can master it.


Would you like to experience it with us?


I think you will enjoy these wonderful experiences and processes within these 6 days of retreat-style workshop with these two wonderful teachers- Ron and Dorothy.

They embrace and accept all of us always as we are without judgment, and with deep love and with a great Big Heart.


If you have any questions or would like to talk with us, please send a message,

Tomoko Sawada's email address is:

(She speaks English so well!)

and my email address is:

(I speak English well and Italian even better!)


We all – Ron, Dorothy, Natsuko, Tomoko and me are so excited to experience this workshop with you!

We look forward to meeting you in October in Nagano, Japan.


Love and Gratitude


Tomoko Murakami